AA Distribution is a service for record dealers, supplying out-of-print bulk classical LPs at wholesale prices to dealers around the world. Records are offered in bulk only, in two categories: Ordinary category will be comprised of mainly mainstream US labels such as Columbia, non-audiophile RCA, London, Angel, Nonesuch, Turnabout, plus smaller US labels, and certain import labels such as DGG and Philips. The price of these ordinary records is 20 cents per LP, with a minimum order of 5000 records.


The other category is our premium category records. In this category, you will find audiophile labels such as RCA, English Decca and EMI, Columbia 6-Eye, DGG Tulip Label and London Bluebacks, along with historical performers such as Wilhelm Furtwangler, Nathan Milstein, Arthur Grumiaux, Janos Starker, Joseph Szigeti, Wilhelm Backhaus, William Kapell, and many others like those. Also in this category are unusual European import labels such as Lyrita, Melodiya, Accord, Pathe, Lyrinx, Pan, Italia, and many others like those. This category will also have unusual repertory on many unusual import labels by composers of interest to repertory collectors. The price for LPs in this category is $1.50/LP, with a minimum order of 1000 records.


At least 90-95% of the records in both the ordinary and premium categories are in ďAĒ condition (no wear to disk or jacket). We discard, even from the ordinary category, all records that are widely considered junk (records with no jackets, Readerís Digest sets, Time-Life Records, etc.)


AA Distribution will arrange for shipment of your order anywhere in the world, but all shipping costs will be billed by our shipping company to the purchaser. We do not offer lists of either category, nor can we select according to genre of records, but all shipments of records will have a good mix of various kinds of records in them (violin, chamber music, orchestral, audiophile, repertory, vocal, opera, etc.) Join the many satisfied dealers around the world that purchase their classical LPs from AA Distribution!

AA Distribution

AA Distribution
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